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Xtreme Tren Ultimate Male Cycle
Xtreme Tren Ultimate Male Cycle

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Details: Xtreme Tren Ultimate Male Cycle

-1 Bottle NRG-X Labs Tren 13-Ethyl

-2 Bottle NRG-X Labs Alpha Maxx

Use the power of Tren 13-Ethyl combined with the strongest natural testosterone booster for UNREAL gains; anything stronger wouldn't be legal!

The Xtreme Tren Ultimate Cycle is our best selling overall growth stack - the Alpha MaXX Black Label has documented blood work showing a 12% raw testosterone gain in a 25 year old male and a 26% gain in overall lifts - combine this with NRG-X Labs Tren 13-Ethyl and users are cranking out 12lb to 16lb muscle gains over a 12 week cycle and are keeping 8lb-10lbs of lean mass! - Team NRG

Stack Directions:

The cycle should go as follows:

Month 1:
Tren 13-Ethyl- 3 caps per day
Alpha Maxx BlackLabel- 3 caps per day

Month 2:
Alpha Maxx Black Label- 3 caps per day

Tren 13-Eythl is Stronger than 1-AD or Halodrol-50 or even Spawn, Tren 13-Ethyl is the ultimate compound for lean & dry rock hard gains without added estrogen conversion; users notice increased stamina and strength in the gym along with increased libido and performance out of the gym.

Alpha MaXX yields maximum testosterone boosting effects with it’s exclusive Power Four compound; with 1,200mg of Fenugreek, Epimedium Sagittatum, Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris and Eurycoma Longifolia Jack you are sure to see results! Alpha MaXX uses a pH buffered delivery system to ensure the highest absorption. Herbs are easily cleaved and degraded in the acidic stomach environment, NRG-X Labs has used science to give you the highest potency every time. Through the powerful extracts of ingredients found in Alpha MaXX you will build hard muscle, increase strength, and achieve higher levels of testosterone and estrogen control.

Also, since you'll be running Alpha MaXX Black Label right along side your Tren 13-Ethyl there will be no need for a PCT as the Alpha MaXX will act as a PCT and MORE, boosting your natural testosterone levels sky high!!

Just use both Alpha MaXX Black Label and Tren 13-Ethyl as directed on the labels and you are all set!

Combine these two compounds and now you have something Xtreme and worthy of building the Ultimate Male... this cycle is only for those that are comfortable with pushing the envelope in the gym and have their training and diet on track!! If you are up for the challenge NRG-X Labs has the tools for the job!

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